March 29, 2018: Graduates and Girls

As a freshly minted graduate, I was ready for college. I didn’t know if I was actually going to succeed or if I’d fall flat on my butt.  But I knew, not matter what I was ready for the next step. (I actually miss having that sort of certainty.)

There were two primary concerns, on my part, about college. One, did I have the ability to compete, academically. Two, could I live in a dorm room with 50 plus girls. I think I might have been less confident about the latter than the former.

Not only would it be my first experience living outside my home but it would also be my first experience living with all girls.

Kindergarten through senior year I always felt most comfortable around guys. I had a brother. My father has 2 brothers and one sister. My mother has two brothers. I have 8 male cousins and only 3 female (thats on both sides). (All of those numbers I mean by blood… not married in.) So, even most of my extended family is male. At school I always made quicker and deeper friendships with guys.

While I did have girl friends, I had much fewer and our relationships often spent more time on the rocks than on solid ground. So, I was a bit nervous about living amongst a horde of them. I wont lie and say I made the best of friends with everyone. But, I was surprised to find how much fun it was to share my life with a close pack of females.

I’m also surprised that the friendships I developed at college have been so lasting. After my first or second year out of high school I lost touch with most of my high school. I’m eight years out from college and am still very close to my college friends, even those who live 10 hours or more away.

I’m also blessed by my experience. I think it taught me a lot about how to relate with women (which should come naturally, as I am one, but it doesn’t). I really believe that God had a hand in it, because even I didn’t know at that time that I would one day be working in a female dominated profession. I think without that experience I’d find it a lot more difficult to be a team player/co teacher.


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