March 24, 2018: Memories and Movies

I love movies. I may or may not be a movie-aholic. It may have been my love of movies that eventually cemented my love of reading (the comparison factor).

I really had thought I had seen an average number of movies.  Turns out that for pre-streaming days I had actually seen many more than the norm. This realization kicked in when I went into a video rental (aww, remember those, that dates me) with my friend Chelsea in college. She kept pointing to movie after movie asking if I thought it would be good. I had already seen all but one she had pointed to in the entire store.

I’m also a movie re-watcher. I didn’t realize that some people didn’t enjoy this until I lived with my friend Bethany for a few years. She actually is kind of annoyed by this habit of mine. I don’t think she would be if it wasn’t that I can re-watch movies right after I’ve seen them (granted…only if I liked the movie). She preferred if I rewatched it there was a significant amount of time between each viewing.

I also really love going to the theater. Some of my best memories are going to the theater to see movies. There is just something about the big screen, overly loud speakers, and cheap (actually expensive food). I’ve also been lucky enough that both of the primary areas I’ve lived (Houston and the Joplin area) had out door movie theaters. I LOVE out door theaters because they combine so many of my favorite things; movies, outdoors, spring/summer nights, cozy blankets, theater food.

I love movies that are deep and make me reevaluate life.(Butterfly Effect had me thinking for months as a High schooler.) I love movies that are like stepping into an entirely different world, one that can only really be understood through film. I like movies that are a waste of time but you get away from the stress of your own life and laugh for an hour or so.

I was thinking of all of this on Wednesday. I went out with friends to the theater in Pittsburg, KS. We saw a Wrinkle in Time. This is one of my favorite junior novels of all time. I sort of read it by chance in a Children Literature class. We had to read 100 books and a certain percentage had to be award winners. I randomly picked a book out of the library (not an award winner) and it kept referencing A Wrinkle in Time. I didn’t understand the comments, looked into the book, found out it was an award winner, read it, fell in LOVE.

As I sat through the previews (which sadly did NOT excite me) I tried to think back to my first experience in a movie theater.  My mother may correct me later but the first one I can remember was Pocahontas. I remember being REALLY into learning about my native american heritage at the time (I think we were doing presentations in school). The movie came out around the same time and my mom told me a quick version of the story it was based on. I really really wanted to see it.

I must have been talking about it a lot because my Aunt decided to take me as a birthday present. But not before my mother had already taken me. I remember I didn’t want to hurt my aunts feelings, and I really wanted to see it again, so I didn’t tell her I had already seen it.

I fell for a lot of things in that experience. Disney movies for instance, my parents started buying me at least one a year for either my birthday or Christmas (I still own most of the VHS’s…if they still work). Celebrations at the movies, most of my birthday’s I request to go to the movies. The movie theater, it may be the most ridiculously expensive hobby but it makes me happy.


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