March 23, 2018: Hair and Highlights

“You have to have fun with hair. It’s a great accessory.”

-Serge Normant 

I read something online today about a woman who couldn’t remember what her original hair color was. I have to admit I’m guilty of this.

The truth is that hair maintenance is one of my indulgences… on the girl side of things.  I’m not a huge fan of manicures or pedicures. I do a lot of labor with my hands and ruin my nails frequently, and I have a hard time with people touching my feet. And makeup, I wear it, but it’s never been something I’ve really enjoyed.

My hair though… for some reason taking an hour out of my day and have my hair washed, cut and combed is one of the most relaxing things after a few long weeks.

The first time I colored my hair I was a sophomore in high school. I picked this really pretty auburn Loral box color. I had done highlights in the salon (with that horrible pull through cap thing) for a while before that. It was never a very dramatic shift, just a shade or two different.

The dye from the box might have said auburn, but it was black. Black as midnight with no moon. My mother got a fair portion on my forehead which of corse died my skin. It was an . . . interesting look for me. Thankfully, after a few days it toned down considerably.

I continued to experiment with box dyes for the next several years. It was fun. Something new and different, not too out there.  I liked the somewhat dramatic results.

After I started a salaried job I started including it in my hair appointment ritual, no more box dyes. It’s still one of the most relaxing things. I sit there in my chair, have a little chat, enjoy someone “playing” with my hair, read while the dye sets, then they was my hair and style it. Having a professional attend to the coloring is much better than box dye!

Over the years I’ve started to have a little more fun with the colors. I now take summers to play around with some wild colors; fire red, blue, green. My favorite so far has been purple.

Up next?


Gotta’ love the 21’s century.



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