March 17, 2018: Birthdays and Bow Ties

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”

– W.R. Purche

I’ve been saving this one up just for today.

Today was the first birthday of my first adopted pet, Radar.

I’ve always grown up with pets. I’ve already shared with you my first cat, Whiskers. We had pets before whiskers. My brother/parents also had a Chihuahua and Terrier mix dog called Pammy, and I’m told we had a cat named LJ (Laura and Josh), though I don’t remember it. After that we had lots of other dogs and Whiskers had more than a few litters that we kept two or three kittens.

In every instance that I can remember we either kept puppies or kittens from our own pet’s litters, were given pets, found them wandering alone, or purchased them. There is a chance that we adopted one dog (I remember a Terrier with bald patches we were trying to heal) and it’s possible my brother adopted hid Blue Healer named Bogey (I’m not sure).

Radar is the first pet I’ve gotten all by myself. He is also my first adopted pet. To be honest, I’ve wanted a boxer for a long time. I worked for a summer in Arkansas with a family who had five or six full breed dogs. The boxer was my favorite with his zany personality. Pure breed dogs are expensive. That combined with the cost to maintain a pet, I knew I couldn’t afford one.

I had been looking at the photos on the Humane Society’s web page for a long while, long before I lived in a place that allowed pets. A month or so before I moved to my current residence I had been perusing and saw a picture of Radar and his sister as well as a multitude of other adorable dogs looking for a home.

I moved in and was sitting on the deck staring over my very big yard and decided I need a dog to enjoy it ASAP. I went in to the Humane Society that next weekend. I think that may have been the first time I had ever been in one. All of the dogs were jumping and clamoring against the cage doors as I walked by.

Radar and his sister were the quietest among them. When I came up to his cage I remembered his picture from a month before, but they had sure grown! I stopped by their cage. They both quietly came up to the door and looked up at me expectantly. I crouched down and Radar turned back to the far corner, picked up his toy and brought it back up to the door and sat down in front of me. I knew I was going to adopt him.

He is by far the sweetest and gentlest dog (aside from when he forgets he’s half my weight) I’ve ever owned. He want’s to be everyones friend (cats included). He’s quiet. He loves a good game of tug of war and sometimes forgets the rules of fetch (he often thinks I’m the one who’s supposed to go get it). He loves to be hugged and if he can lean his body on any part of yours, he will (just to touch you). He get’s bored easily and has eaten (not chewed, eaten) my carpet more than once. I look forward to having a better fence that he can’t get out of, so he can spend most of his days outside where he loves it best. He sleeps in some of the most unique positions I’ve ever seen. He knows sit and stay (although sometimes he gets willful). We’re still working on lay down, and he is learning commands in signlanguage.

When I adopted him the humane society thought he might be about four months old but on his first vet appointment a few weeks later they said it was more likely he was six months. That meant his birth month was March. I have never celebrated a dogs birthday before but I was talked into it by my friends. I decided to celebrate on St.Pats day for two reasons. One, I got to get a leprechaun hat instead of a birthday hat for him. Two, I’m terrible at remembering those things so I might remember a national holiday.

He got to wear his hat (which he wasn’t a fan of) and his sparkly bow tie (which he WAS a fan of). I broke my cardinal rule and gave him people food. And he got two new toys (which he promptly ate as well, rubber and all).

Radar may be the first dog I’ve ever adopted, but he won’t be the last.

day one

A few days after adoption.

little pup

About a month after adoption.


About two months after adoption.


My mother bought him this bed and he obviously loves it.

how we treat guests

Like I said, he wants to be everyones friend…

whats mine

No really, even the teeny tiny kitty he gave up his bed to so they could be friends.

Radar Bday 1

One year birthday.



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