March 16, 2018: Spring Break and Spring Blooms

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson 

This afternoon was the first of Spring Break. I look forward to spring break every year. I know a lot of people who use this time to get out and “stretch their legs” to prepare for the final quarter of school. They take trips, go on missions expeditions, see distant relatives.

I’m not really the type to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things. I’m just not a fan of cramming them in spring break. When I do these things I’d like a longer time period so that I could really soak into the experience, whatever it is.

I prefer to stay closer to home during spring break. If you don’t follow me on social media (outside of this blog once a year), I love me some projects. For some reason they relax me.

I especially love to rack up a long list of creative and practical tasks to accomplish during summer. But, spring break? Spring break, is sort of my kick off event to get the creative juices flowing.

I’ve got several ideas on standby for the week. They include (in not particular order):

  • Use my circuit to design a fun vinyl applique for my new blank mailbox.
  • Dig up the walkway pavers and clear out the weeds and add mulch to border them.
  • Build a better fire pit in my back yard.
  • Sew new curtains for my bathrooms, kitchen, and bedroom.
  • Sew a stuffed horse from a pair of footed pajamas for Ariel’s son.
  • Clean out flower beds
    • transplant dying shrubs to a better location
    • Bring in new plants that would do better in that area
  • Turn over soil to get a garden started.
    • Start seedlings

Perhaps now that I’m two hundred and eighty six words in you’re wondering, so… has she given up the theme firsts? No, I just needed (now) three hundred and seven words to lead up to it.

This will be my first garden.

Wait, let me try that again with different emphasis.

This is my first garden.

We almost always had a garden growing up. I’ve been around them and helped out with them my whole life. Last year I gave it a shot with some large pots. But this is the first year that I will actually do a plot in the back yard. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I really miss fresh produce.

Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll even take up canning. My mother would get a kick out of that (I SWORE in high school I’d NEVER do any more of it for the rest of my life. In my defense peeling skins off of boiled tomatoes is one of the worst jobs ever, especially when you have tiny cuts in your hands!)

Wish me well. Hopefully I’ll keep everything alive long enough to at least get a first crop out of it!



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