March 11, 2018: Mario and Mowers

“That horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult, but you realize you are an adult. So, you look around for an older adult. An adultier adult, someone better at adulting than you.”


Today’s “first” is actually a first that happened today. 

I bought a lawn mower.

lawn mower.png

I’ve lived with a lawn for years (perhaps every year of my life except for those spent in college dorm rooms). I’ve lived on my own (out of my parent’s house) since I was 18. Even when summers arrived during college I would only spend a few weeks at home. I either had summer jobs away or was taking trips. Despite this I’ve avoided buying a lawn mower for *cough* years.

I didn’t really support myself until after college. I’d been lucky enough in life to have a lot of watchful eyes making sure I didn’t starve (thanks to many a care package from the Oak Hill Christian Church ladies). The first apartment where mowing the lawn was a requirement was a duplex I occupied with two other friends in Carthage. My roommate had purchased a $100 Weed Eater push mower for us to use.

Let me just tell you, I was required to help out with mowing the lawn when I was a kid. I never had an issue with it. Then? Well then I did it as an adult and there was one VAST difference. Turns out I’d never used a push mower until that point (with a large lawn we always had a riding mower). It also turns out I was not prepared. 

I am a total and complete wimp when it comes to mowing with a push mower. With the duplex it was only half a lawn … and a small one at that. The first time I mowed that lawn I got three passes in (it took me about 20 minutes) then took a 45 minute “break.” (I laid down on the linoleum kitchen floor and heaved in drags of air for at lease 35 of those minutes.)

I toughened up a little bit after that, but I still detest push lawn mowers. My current house sets on an acer of land, far too large for me to push mow. So … today I bought my first lawnmower (and yes, it’s a riding lawn mower).

Any time I make purchases like this I feel like Mario (yes …video game Mario). Maybe this is a weird analogy. I don’t know…lets see! Mario runs along, sort of short and stout in his plumbers bib-overalls, following the path wherever it may lead. He hops up and smashes his head on the bricks above him. Nine times out of ten nothing happens. Then lucky number ten comes along and a mushroom shows up. Boom! He’s a grown up version of himself.

I think that’s a pretty accurate description of adulthood and the expenses that come with it. You move along through life where the path leads. When you run into a cost, nine times out of ten it feels like you’re hitting your head into an immovable surface. But, once in a blue moon the surface shifts and a “mushroom” falls. Yeah, your still shelling out more money than you’d like, but the results of that expenditure actually make you feel like you’ve grown up.

Yeah… I wish I could have spent that money on something that I was going to enjoy a bit more (even if I don’t have to stand, I’m never going to love mowing). Despite that, I feel like I’ve grown up just a little bit more today.

Will I ever really feel like a grown up?

What was the last thing you spent money on and felt like a “mushroom” had fallen?

-Over and Out


2 thoughts on “March 11, 2018: Mario and Mowers

  1. Julie Stover says:

    Can I come mow your lawn????!!!! You picked out one lovely mower!!! I felt like the mushroom had fallen when I purchased a log splitter!! We were having to rent one each wood-burning season and I thought that was ridiculous so Kasey and I bought one and I learned how to use it and I feel pretty grown-up about that!! Congrats…and I’m serious about mowing…I love mowing!


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