Chapter 12> Finished

In what seemed like no time they had reached the bank of the creek. Elam released her hand before they made their way too close to the gathered crowed. Standing with the edge of their feet in the lip of the creek three heads turned around at the sound of their arrival.

Tommy lifted her right index finger to her lips gesturing to remain silent. She held up her left hand waving her flip flops back and forth then pointed with her opposite hand to Elam and Rydell’s own shoes then down to the creek at her own feet, softly splashing the water back and forth.

Elam and Rydell bent to remove their shoes and slowly stepped into the creek. Tommy curled her finger in an invitation to follow her. Wading out across the expanse of water that was rushing across the land they walked in companionable silence. Once on the other side they made there way into a thin tree line of oak and walnut.

Near the edge of where the tree line met the next field Tommy paused and turned back to them, once again raising her index finger to her lips reestablishing silence among their group. They passed through and stopped abruptly.

The field was primarily a flat and meandering pasture, the grass beneath their feat just starting to come out of it’s winter hibernation and sprout green again, small pockets of weed-like flowers littered across its expanse. By now the moon hung heavy in the sky, full enough to provide a shimmer of light across the land. It was beautiful in its own right.

That wasn’t however what froze Rydell where she stood, a tight gasp escaping her in surprise. The field was a blaze with a light all it’s own. Thousands? No, millions would be more likely. Floating in a misty haze all around them was a shimmering wave and flux of jeweled lights. Flashing haphazardly through the landscape were millions of firefly’s. It was the most incredible thing Rydell had ever seen; all she could find clarity enough to do was to stand as witness. After all, how often did one get to lay eyes on what was undeniably a miracle of the natural world.

Transfixed Rydell barely noticed that Elam had drawn closer to her side. In the faintest of whispers he began to recite in his usual slow and lulling voice; “Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, And here on earth come emulating flies, That though they never equal stars in size,(And they were never really stars at heart), achieve at times a very star-like start. Only, of course, they can’t sustain the part.”

Struggling to pull her eyes from the beauty of the field she looked up into his face with a question in her eyes. He shrugged modestly looking down at her and whispered, “Robert Frost.”

Turning her head back to the scene she reverently whispered back, “Sounds about right to me, they do seem to ‘achieve a star-like start.’ It’s like the night sky fell down around us.”

Elam hummed his agreement. His hand snaked out to grasp hers once more, squeezing tight, acknowledging they both shared the awe of the moment.

“Don’t worry none chicken little, I got you’re back.” He looked down then, his bright wide smile glowing against the moons pale light. Tugging lightly at her palm he strode forward towing her along to swim with him through a milky way of emulating flies here on earth. Rydell hoped they could in fact sustain the part… at least for a bit longer.


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