A Slice of the Thirtieth 3.30.2016

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

-Robert Berns-

     I am a planner. I’ve already spoken about how much I like to make lists. Well, I like to make plans to. I’ve got five year plans. I’ve got ten year plans. I’ve got retirement plans. I’ve got finance plans. I’ve got career plans. I’ve got housing plans. The lists go on.

      What is important to know is that not all of those plans work out. This was a pretty big revelation to me post-adulthood. At 18 it seems like anything is possible. To a certain extent I still believe that. I do still dream. I do still plan. I do still have faith that with effort, hard work, persistence, passion, a level head, patients, and whatever else could could possible throw in there, plans can work out.

     I’ll be honest though, about half my plans haven’t worked out. Often they were too grandiose, flimsy, ill-timed, poorly executed, or in point of fact non-actionable. Regardless of the set backs or even failures I haven’t stopped planning. Why? I believe there is a great deal of good that comes from having something sitting on a horizon, something for which to strive toward. If it wasn’t there I’d have a very sedentary life. When you stop striving in conjunction you stop growing and stretching. You become stale and brittle, easily crushed beneath the weight of life’s inevitable blows.

     I will say this, though. I have come to learn that I have to hope for the best and plan for the worst (my plans need backup plans). I have also come to learn that I have to be okay when plans fall through. Emotional bracing for the impact of failure is a good life lesson. It’s also a good life lesson to know that just because a plan doesn’t work out it does not mean it is a failure. Sometimes you learn years down the road that it was for the best.

     So, regardless of success or failure, plans are a good thing!


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