A Slice of the Twenty-Second 3.22.2016

You know what? I didn’t know I was shorter than the most people, until everyone told me so.  Sound ridiculous? That’s because it is.

I thank you for reminding me of my size. I routinely forget, despite the fact I’ve been 5’3 since 6th grade (please read the sarcasm there).

One time I was talking to Rachael (maybe Bethany, I can’t remember) one day at church. I happened to be wearing high-heels and Rachael (maybe Bethany) in the middle of conversation says, “It’s so strange being eye-to-eye with you.”

“Huh?” I responded.

“I just mean, usually I’m looking down into your eyes. We’re not usually eye level.”

It was kind of a revelation to me. You see it doesn’t really stick out to me when I’m talking to people. Unless your over a foot taller than me I don’t really notice that I’m looking up at your face. It may seem ridiculous, to those of you who are taller than me but I don’t generally consider how much shorter I am than most people.

I mean there are those moments that I have to adjust the microphone after a taller person uses it. There are the times I don’t have to duck under a limb or a banner but other people do. When I have to crawl on top of a counter, when junior size’s fit better, my feet swinging  off the floor from a deep chair, or my whole body goes into the washing machine to get out the last of the clothes. 

For the most part however, my size isn’t really an issue for my day to day. I don’t think about it much. Tease me if you want, I won’t take much offense. I enjoy a decent bit of self-depreciating humor. Just know, I may be small but I am a force to be reckoned with. You’d do well not to underestimate me.




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