A Slice of the Twenty-first 3.21.2016

A bit of creative writing for you today, a small piece of some prose I’ve did a while back.

If you don’t know, I really love learning new words. I’m a bit obsessed with words, especially etymology. I do my best to learn a new word every day. Anyhow, I was pondering this one night and I came up with what you’ll read below. There is more, but I liked this chunk of it best.


     Words are the most powerful thing mankind possesses. It’s not our armies, it’s not our money and it’s not our bodies. It is not any of the works of our hands. It is the swift flick of a key, a pen, or a tongue. It is our words.

       Words can topple nations. Words can condemn men. Words can command. Words can captivate the unwilling. Words can lead hearts astray. Words can set fire to the soul. Words spread faith. Words can transcend experience. Words can bring healing. 

        I know of nothing that is more powerful than that.

        I know that they are equally harmful as they are helpful, as uplifting as they are upending, beautiful as they are monstrous.

   My words are the most powerful part of me.       

     These are my words. 




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