A Slice of the Nineteenth 3.19.2016

…I’m a list person.

  • I like making them.
  • I like checking them.
  • I like marking things off of them.

^See what I did there.^

The night before my 28th birthday I made a list of ” 28 Epiphanies for 28 Years”. Seeing that I’ve had a lot of writing and reading to do for my master today (and it’s exactly 2 months from my birthday today), I thought I’d just share with you the list I made. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did making it.

28 Epiphanies for 28 Years

1. God cares about you on an individual level.

2. Family and your relationship to them will shape your relationships with others.

3. Family is important, cherish the time you get to spend with them.

4. Friends are the family you create for yourself in adulthood.

5. Choose your friends with discretion; you will help shape each other’s lives.

6. Independence is something we should all have.Learn to do things on your own.

7. Allow others to help you, especially when you don’t want the help.

8. Be okay with yourself, quarks most of all.

9. The church will always have faults, but it’s still the bride of Christ. Love it.

10. People will disappoint you, love them anyway.

11. Don’t shy away from a compliment. Accept it with thanks, grace and humility.

12. Use the people closest to you to help you make the BIG decisions of your life.

13. Never are your best decisions made solely by your own judgment.

14. Trust your instincts. If your gut tells you to step back take two paces, not one.

15. Learn to laugh at yourself.

16. Be brave enough to say, “I don’t know” when the answer is lost to you.

17. FIND a mentor and stick with them.

18. BE a mentor and stick with them.

19. Delight in small things; they make up the big picture.

20. Accept that you’ll make a lot of mistakes and vow to learn from each one.

21. Go after what you want, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

22. Quality is always paramount over quantity… in EVERYTHING.

23. Be honest, period. (Especially with yourself and God.)

24. Learn to recognize the most important aspects of your life (work isn’t first place).

25. If you find someone who gets your jokes and sincerely laughs, hold on to them.

26. Smile.It rights a lot of wrongs for others that you don’t even know about.

27. Think well of others even when your tempted not to.

28. Love the life you’ve been granted, not everyone has the same opportunities.


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