A Slice of the Sixteenth 3.16.2016

Todays feature image is from S.G. It is a close up of our cardinal compliment wall. Students in our building receive cardinal compliments when they are following the cardinal code well. That is that their behavior is in following with the general school rules. About a quarter into the school year I realized I was running out of room on our board. I had to pull of of the compliments off and start grouping them by 5’s to make way for more. This is still an inaccurate amount. I’ve got another handful sitting on my desk waiting to be taped up.

I will say that the class this year has done a great job of earning these compliments. They are kind and gracious students, with quick wit, and an incontrovertible sense of humor (they even think I’m funny, which is a bonus). All in all it has been a great year. One that I am sad to see drawing to a close. It has gone by so quickly, feel I’ve missed half of it. I have enjoyed this class so much I will be very sad to see them move on to 6th grade. But I know that they are leaving into great hands of wonderful teachers on the other side of the hall who will enjoy them just as much as I have!

P.S.- After this week…we have 9 weeks left!!!! Here’s to making them great!


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