A Slice of the Fourteenth 3.14.2016

I don’t have much to say this evening. I’m not feeling terribly well.

I’m not a happy sick person. I’m quite grouchy. You see, I don’t like being waited on. While I’m so happy that I have people in my life who care enough about me to do so, the lack of independence is irksome.If you don’t know it about me, I’m usually independent to a fault. When that independence is taken away I turn into a curmudgeon of sorts.

When I’m in theses sorts of moods I don’t really like myself much. It takes some sort of reminder that I have been blessed with so much and shouldn’t be so grouchy. So I do one of two things. I remind myself of how much I have and look though photos of family and friends. Or I remind myself how much worse it could be.

This evening I came across some photos I took after the 2011 tornado. And it did indeed remind me that I often put too much weight on my independence. That terrible event put into perspective that the town, the people, nothing could have bounced back without the coming together of the community. My independence would have done little good had I not invited help. It’s a solemn reminder that independence is only so good as those who support it.


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