A Slice of the Fifteenth 3.15.2016

Our featured image for today is by B.F. It is a photo of my class photo from last year

I was considering what I should write in regard to the photo and I couldn’t help but think that I can’t believe this was a year ago! It seems like yesterday. I thought perhaps I might comment on how fast years fly. I really liked this topic but I realized I had already written something similar for a college comp. class. Because I am a pack rat, wouldn’t you know, I still have it! So I’ve pasted it below. I hope you enjoy what my 19 year old self had to say!


“Going From Zero to Nineteen in a Heartbeat”

A concept, which was once foreign to my mind, is becoming increasingly clear, time fly’s by. Family and adults have always pressed upon me that time is fleeting. Now I finally understand, and its true, time is precious. At five, 60 seconds did not add up to a minute but an excruciating eternity, time seemed to be endless. Looking back, my life seems to have happened overnight. I have gone from zero to nineteen in a heartbeat.
I can remember the first time I realized the quickness of time. I had awoken from a long nights sleep and slowly sauntered into the bathroom. I preceded to carryout my usual morning activities. Grabbing my toothbrush from its hanging position on the wall above the sink, I squeezed a glob of the paste on its bristles. Then soaking it under some warm water, I griped it tightly and placed it inside my mouth. As I began to scrub, my gaze which had been focused on my hands activities, now shifted upward to view my groggy face dazedly stare back. But I did not recognize myself at first glance. Focusing harder on the face before me now I realized it was in fact my own. I released the toothbrush from my hand and directed all ten fingers toward my face to inspect it. Then it hit me! I was older now, today I was eight. The face of the child I once was had transformed over a restful night into the mature face I held now.
After that, time never slowed down it only got faster. Some memories play like a movie reel though my mind. They seem so tangible, as though I could pick up where I left off just by pushing play. For instance, Saturdays with my dad. I remember them being the only day of the week I did not protest to waking up early, I instead leaped from my bed. Almost before the sun rose, we would wake to a bowl of warm white rice drowning in a pool of milk with brown and white sugar. After slurping up the last of breakfast from the bottom of the bowl we ran to secure our favorite positions in the living room. When comfortable, the festivities began. The usual itinerary included; all our favorite cartoons till noon, lunch, usually a bit of wrestling and horse play, dinner, and bed. Nothing extravagant was needed to make the time pass, but it did. Perhaps faster than I would have liked. I do not even remember the day I decide I was too old for cartoons with my dad.
I’ve also noticed another phenomena of time, change is never far behind (if not racing ahead!). I can barely recall a handful of occasions my father has verbally professed his affection to me in the first 17 years of my life. The obvious are my baptism, other special events, and a hard time or two. This in no way caused me to doubt my fathers love for me, but generally, my father was not the publicly affectionate type. That all changed. From High school graduation to now my dad has taken every possible opportunity to inform me of his care. It takes a great deal of time to, as they say, teach an old dog a new trick, and it seems like no time at all that my father transformed into the dad I know him to be today.
There is always one place that you can be assured of times quick pace, the visible difference in the kids you once knew from the time you last saw them. After my first year at Ozark, time seemed unchanged in my mind. When driving home to visit for the first time, I believed I would see the same faces of those kids I had grown up with. Instead, Sunday morning rolled around to reveal to me a new generation. These young adults where no longer who I had played with. When at school this realization hit harder still with the arrival of a Graduation announcement of one of my close younger friends. How could she be old enough to graduate, let alone be on the verge of attending college!? Where did the time go?
It would be nearly impossible for me to tell someone today not to worry about time. How could I mutter such an obtuse lie to an unsuspecting soul! Instead, I find myself in the shoes of those before me grumbling what I once rolled my eyes to. I’m going to take every chance I get to let those youngsters know, time fly’s, and before you know it you’ve gone zero to nineteen in a heartbeat.


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