Slice of the Tenth 3/10/2016

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Todays feature image is a picture of our class schedule taken by S.B.

Planning to go into Education? I have two words that will define most of your days; “BE FLEXIBLE.”

Really, “be flexible” could define a lot of thing about being a teacher. But I’d say it’s primarily about schedules. Five times out of ten I have something in mind for the day and it falls through. The other five out of ten times I think I know what the schedule is, and I don’t.

I think it’s very easy for teachers to get caught up in all of the things we have to get done. Tests, grading, conferring, lessons, fundraisers, meetings, PD, supplies, behavior issues, academic issues, books to read, books to return, classrooms to clean, desks to disinfect…it never ends. There is just so much pressure to make it all fit in. I often think of Gene Wilders Willy Wonka, “So much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it!” Never, in five years of teaching or life have I had more time than I had things to do.

It’s really easy to forget that while the schedule is important, building relationships with others is vital. I’d like very much for every student to leave knowing every little detail of our lessons from Ancient India. But at the end of the day that pales in comparison to weather or not I’m teaching them how to operate in the world. That’s where relationships come in. How I treat those around me; my friends, family, coworkers, students is where the real work gets put in. Some days I really stink at it, and I sit at night and and mull over how much I messed up and what I can do better. That is where we learn our real lessons about life, around and with others beside us.

Sometimes I really stink at it. Sometimes I get caught up in my schedules, and my list of things to get done. Sitting down and getting to really know the people around me get’s put on the back burner. You know what? I regret it every time. I only get 10 months with my students and I should always make the most of it, even if the schedule suffers…


One thought on “Slice of the Tenth 3/10/2016

  1. Sherri Swaim says:

    I only have the one example to go by, but I am so impressed by the time and effort you put into being my secret pal last year! Even though I didn’t know it was you until the last, I have felt a real connection with you. I have spent my secret pal time this year trying to live up to the example you set for me. You have a big heart and I am so glad you see fit to share it with all of us, students and colleagues, here at school.


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