A Slice of the Ninth 3/9/2016

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Hey! I finally remembered (with a little help) to have some students take a picture around the class!

Todays feature image by C.C. is of a small cork board above my bookshelf. It’s a little fuzzy so I’ll type out what it says.

Give it a Star!

(All stars go on the inside of the cover)

  • Green star- Our school has an AR test for this book
  • Gold star- I loved this book and would recommend it!
  • Silver star- I liked this book but I didn’t love it.
  • Blue star- I don’t know how I feel about this book.
  • Red star- I did NOT enjoy this book.

If I’ve never had the chance to share it with you I LOVE to read.For this reason I have very large class library (though it keeps shrinking somehow). I may or may not get carried away every time I buy books for students for scholastic and find I have…POINTS in my bank! I think to myself,

“Why YES. I DO need to buy 20 more books for my student library!!!!”

Interestingly enough, I HATED reading when I was young. And to be totally honest, I flat out stunk at it. It actually was discovered that I still hadn’t learned to read in third grade (thats 8-9 years old, people). It was just a skill that wasn’t taking root in my head. After this discovery was made I was tested. By the end of third grade I was in a pull out classroom for reading, writing and math (we didn’t do class-within-a-class).

The first book I really remember reading all the way through was Mick Heart Was Here. My friends often tease/scold me because the books I recommend are tragedies (sad endings) 80% of the time. I blame Mick Heart Was Here  for that. I had such a strong emotional connection to the book because it was the first time I’d read something over 100 pages all by myself (and actually understood what I was reading).

Recently, I’ve been kind of depressed lately because, although I love to read I haven’t had much time to read for fun. I read a chapter out of Pride and Prejudice  before bed. I listen to books on tape when I drive places. I read books to my class. But I need more my choice books in my life!

I need more books that “swallow you up heart and soul!” I think that goal may very well be the most inspiring to make it to graduation. December 2016 can’t come fast enough! 😀


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