A Slice of the Sixth 3/6/2016

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

-Tim Notke

I don’t plan on writing a lot tonight because, well…I’m just plain tired. I’ve gotten a lot done this weekend. I finished reading How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. I got REALLY close to finishing Emergence by Temple Grandin. I read three 20+ page psychology journal articles about motivational skill sets. I read the next chapter from Wall’s Fall Down by Dudley Rutherford and am ready for next weeks devotional. I wrote a proposal for my final research paper in Building Student Resiliency. I finished and turned in six page paper for Motivating At-Risk Students. I started a paper about Tourrets Syndrom. And last but not least I got some grading put into my digital gradebook (not all).

I’d say I’ve earned some me time, so I’m headed to bed and cracking open a book that I got to pic. One of my favorites, Pride and Prejudice (it has been a couple years since I read it). If you’ve never read an Austin book before you should try at least once in your life. For an 18th century lady she is one sassy, ironic, sarcastic writer!

I placed the feature photo (all of the current books and articles I’m reading/have read) as a reminder to myself that when work piles up and my motivation wears thin, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” I’ve never really been a talented student, it’s something I put a lot of effort (and sometimes even blood and sweat) into to come out on top. But I know that come the end of July (hopefully) when I’m all done, it will have been worth it!


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