A Slice of the Second 3/2/2016

” The good news is, I’m on your side. The bad news is . . . I’m on your side.”

-Marty Huitt-

It is 9:40 p.m., over an hour past my bed time (that’s not sarcastic, I’m an old woman and I need my rest). Today I did not get to spend my day with my class. Instead:

  1. I sat in a training from 8:30-3:20.
  2. Afterward, I had to go to the store to restock on all of my girl stuff (hairspray, shampoo, makeup), which always seems to run out at the same time!
  3. I then headed back home for a dish of ZUKATOBASA (A.K.A “amazingness”), a yummy collaboration of potato, zucchini, kielbasa, and (more than healthy dose) of cheese.
  4. I took out “Walls Fall Down” by Dudley Rutherford and had bible study with my wonderful roommates. We discussed how following God’s plan often seems crazy to outsiders (much like the Israelites marching around Jericho, blowing their trumpets for days on end) but when in all of history has he ever not come through on his promise(and the walls fall down).
  5. I took out several of my texts for my Masters classes and read until my eyes felt like they’d never uncross.
  6. I worked out. You read that right I, Laura Koch, worked out.
  7. Now I’m here, typing away. 

At this point you’re probably wondering, “Why in the world do I need a run down of her day? I might as well read her Facebook status!” While this sentiment  is probably true I do have a point in regard to my day. Or rather…a confession. 

Never once in the day did I stop thinking about the kids in my class.

  1. I discussed how I could better serve students with behavior struggles in my training. 
  2. While gallivanting though the store I stopped by various isles to check on deals for ticket store incentives. 
  3. While I ate dinner I was reminded that tomorrow I need to take a head count of kids participating in slice of life so I can reward them with a pizza party at the end of the month for succeeding. 
  4. While we discussed God’s plan looking incomprehensible from the outside I thought about how my students are the same. Their behavior seems illogical on the outside until I understand their situation. 
  5. I read article after article about the Psychology of motivation and achievement and considered what kids would benefit most from their application. 
  6. While sweat dripped down my temple, huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf, I kept reminding myself I was doing it to build my athletic stamina so I didn’t frighten the children in the likely chance I’d collapse of a heart attack in the Basketball Fundraiser at our school. 
  7. I’m on here, taking this challenge to demonstrate to my students the importance and benefit of writing for everyone. 

The thing about teachers, as many know well, is that we think about our students routinely all day long. I may get to school at 7:25 and leave at 3:10 but it follows me wherever I go in the time in between. Sometimes to the point I talk of little else (to the detriment of what few relationships I hold). In complete honesty, it can be mentally and physically exhausting (and I’m sure for those who have to listen to it, irritating at times). 

As I wind down my night and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow, I find myself reflecting on a particular quote. Marty Huitt, our BIST instructor, used a phrase on our first day of instruction. When speaking of the relationship between student and teacher she proclaimed, “The good news is, I’m on your side. The bad news is…I’m on your side.” I think that very accurately represents the drive and heart of a teacher. For better or for worse we are there for our students.

  • We take them home with us in spirit (some literally through fostering or adoption).
  • We fret over them.
  • We plan for them.
  • We root for them.
  • We discipline them.
  • We care for them. 
  • We stick with them.
  • We check up on them.
  • We remind them (ad nauseam).
  • We love them.  
  • We train them. 
  • _____________ (fill in the blank with your own).

………..After all of that we find some time to teach them.

“What teachers do.” -Lily Eskelsen Garcia

I may have my good days and my bad days but never have I had a day that any students best interest (weather easily achieved or not) didn’t occupy my thoughts.

You know what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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