March 20th: Bumbling Babble

Well, I gotta say. It lasted longer than I thought it would. In years past it took fewer days to hit my wall. That day in this month of writing where I just come up blank. I don’t know what I have anything to write about.

The only thing I actually got done today was some cleaning. Which is usually pretty insignificant but intentionally cleaning over spring break is pretty impressive for me, lol.

I’m just coming up blank. I can’t think of anything to talk about. So, I’m not going to take up space here my continuing to babble. I’m just going to end this here and sign off. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Night all.


March 19th: Friends Fandom

I’ve written the last couple of post’s about t.v. shows. (I didn’t finish Heros by the way.)

Well, it’s almost 11:30 p.m., and I’m cutting it close with getting this in on time and as I’ve been binging a show all day, that’s what’s on my mind. I still have about 20 episodes left of Heros. When I realized what time it was I switched what I was watching to Friends. Why? I need more focus for Heros, and I know Friends by heart.

Friends is my go to show. I often have it on in the background while I do other things. I know it so well that I can quote it when I’m out of the room and can’t hear it. When I get back into the room, I haven’t missed a word. I’m right on track with the actors.

When Netflix got rights to the show and put it on their online streaming site, I was stoked. A little perturbed at first, but stoked. Some how the episodes that are online are different than the DVD’s. Maybe the DVD’s left in a few extra scenes that weren’t in the aired versions. Needles to say… there are a lot of missing parts that I was used to quoting that don’t show up on Netflix versions.

I discovered my love for Friends in college. My best friend Chelsea had started to collect all of the Seasons on DVD. I hadn’t actually been allowed to watch it growing up. My parent’s weren’t actually super strict about what I watched growing up. But…well, the one time I did watch it I was sitting in the living room with my parents, my brother, his friend. I was in elementary school at the time, maybe fourth grade? The episode where Ross had just convinced Rachel to date him and then she finds out he made a list about all of her worst qualities. He’s trying to make it up for her and dedicates a song to her on the station she’s listening to. She calls in to the station and get’s them to stop the song. I don’t know why but I was soooo mad about what she did. . . and I called Racheal Green a bad word.

Yeah… I NEVER used bad language. AND, I was quite young to be using that kind of language. My parents looked like they were frozen in time for like half a minute, eyes big as saucers like they couldn’t make sense of the picture in front of them. My brother, who was in high school at the time, started laughing hysterically at the same time as his friend. He was laying on the couch and laughed so hard he fell off onto the floor. Once my parents recovered from their shock I was sent to my room and not allowed to watch Friends anymore.

Fast forward to college and Chelsea invited me to watch Friends I had the misguided idea I’d hate it because of my past “trauma” associated the the show. Turns out it was hilarious. In my last year of college I was rooming with Chels in an apartment and she was starting to pack up to move after she got married. In a great act of love she GAVE me all 10 seasons of Friends she had on DVD as a going away gift.

Now, I watch the whole season AT LEAST once a year (but really, if I’m being honest, it’s more like 2 or 3). It still makes me giggle and laugh out loud even though I know it by heart. It’s still my favorite tv show of all time.

What’s yours?


March 18th: Laissez-Fair Layabout

I’ve found a new show to obsess over for a few days.

Ok. Well really its an old show to rekindle. I watched a large portion of the first season when it first came out. But, at the time that I watched it streaming wasn’t really a thing quite yet. And, the show was just a little too complicated to not see every second I could. There were so many side stories and characters that if you missed even a minute of it you’d be totally lost.

I missed an episode and eventually wound up giving up on the show about half way through the first season. Well, all of the seasons are on IMDB free dive so I decided to give it a second shot. It’s as much of a winding road as I remember.

I just started season 3. I think I could finish off season 4 (the final season) by tomorrow. I’m a little worried I’ll be quite upset when it ends. And that it wont end well. But no matter what I’ve really enjoyed my time being super lazy on my spring break.

Here’s to one more day of Heros.

March 17th: Puppy Party


Over a year ago I adopted Radar from the humane-society. I had just bought my new house. To be perfectly honest I should have waited a few months. I wasn’t in the right financial space to adopt a dog (which isn’t free by the way).  But I was in a tough spot emotionally and I thought having a pet might help pull me out of my funk. (Plus, I always longed to get a dog when I had the space.)

When they had him they had called him Clive. . He just didn’t seem like a Clive, so I named him Radar. Based on the estimates the vets gave me, he would have been born in March. Because I stink at remembering dates I decided to celebrate his birthday on St. Patricks Day. This year he is two, somewhere in the 90 pound range, as gassy as all boys are, and such a super sweet puppy!

I think adopting him was one of the best rash decisions I’ve ever made. Ok…just one of the best decisions, period.

March 16th: Sci-Fi Shows

Have you seen The Umbrella Academy?

So… I may have binged the entire first season today.

I LOVE it!

It seemed, from the trailers, that it was going to be weird. But, then again, I have weird taste when it comes to shows and movies. I kind of like the off kilter shows. Odd things like Pushing Daisies a comedy about a man who can bring back the dead with one touch but if he touches them again they return to their former state (…a corpse). One day the girl he’s in love with dies, he brings her back to life. They have a relationship, which of corse he can’t ever touch her. It doesn’t seem like it’d be a comedy… but it was hilarious.

Or Dead Like Me about a girl, named George, who dies when a toilet seat hits her and in the after life she’s recruited to become a grim reaper.  But not only is she a reaper she also has to hold down a regular 9-5 job. It’s…weird.

Really, if it’s a weird show I’m probably going to at least watch the full first season. So, of course, I wanted to give The Umbrella Academy a shot. It. Was. AWESOME!

It’s like Scorsese meets M. Night Shyamalan. I’m hoping you get my references.But if you don’t…

While I’m not a huge Scorsese fan (the only film of his I actually liked was Pulp Fiction…and it’s defiantly not one I can rewatch often). Even though I wasn’t a fan I respected that he usually had strong, kick-butt, not to be messed with female characters. Cool fight scenes, decent plots, but was always a bit excessive on the blood. And if you’re not aware I don’t do awesome when it comes to blood. I’m not exactly a homophobe. I do fine with needles and a little blood isn’t too bad, but lots of it makes me nauseous and woozy (even if I know it’s actually red corn-syrup).

Shyamalan I AM a big fan of. I was actually just talking to my friends about how I’m surprised I don’t own all of his films. I definitely have a ranking order for his films. But even if they are on the bottom of that ranking I always admire his plot lines. Science Fiction may be my favorite film genre (NOT my favorite book genre). For the most part, even if I saw it coming, the complexity of his story lines was intriguing.

The Umbrella Academy had the kick-butt-ness of Scorsese and the complex sci-fi story lines of Shyamalan. I’m almost a little sad I finished the whole season in one day. Now it’s just a waiting game until Netflix releases the next season.

I suppose I’ll have to find a new show to binge until then.




March 15th: Spring Sleep

No alarm. Hey! No alarm. Yeah!

I may have just done a jig when I tunelessly sang that to myself. I’m super excited about sleeping in for the next week. However, one of the pitfalls of getting older is that your body can’t handle oversleeping anymore. Now-a-days, I wake up with a raging headache and my body aches like I put it through a decathlon.

What’s that about!? I mean, shouldn’t I feel even more rejuvenated? Heaven knows I don’t get enough sleep on the regular. So when I sleep in my body should feel like it finally caught up with itself. Does it, though? Nope, it feels like I’m crawling through a sticky bog while a vice is clamped on to my temples.

No matter what though, I’m going to sleep in as late as possible at least one day this week. And man, am I looking forward to it.

Happy Spring Break, everyone!

March 14th: Freedom Friday

People. I’m itchin’. Itchin’ for spring break.

I’m really looking forward to it. Sleeping in. Cleaning my house (we’ll see if that one actually gets done.) Lounging around the house. Reading books. Watching a lot of the things I put in my queue on Amazon video, Hulu, and Netflix. Eating three square meals a day (ok, it’ll probably wind up being more than that). (On a side note., queue is my second favorite word to spell, it’s fun to spell out loud. Facetious is my first … it has every vowel buy the “sometimes y.”)

Back to spring break. I just need the break. When we get to this point in the year I feel like I can’t take a deep breath. Third quarter is always the most difficult for me to get through. It has the least days off. It is usually in a bad weather part of the year and kids are stuck inside all day. Any sickness I may potentially come down with happens then. It’s just … difficult.

But we’re almost their people. One more crazy day and we’re home free. For a week. Then we’re back at it. But the last quarter usually fly’s by. So, I’m not too worried about needing a break after that.

So, I’m going to get to bed and rest up to survive one last crazy day before….FREEDOM!!!! (In my head that last word was in the voice of Mel Gibson in Braveheart … also one of my favorites.)